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Our wholesale membership program is the perfect way to save even more money each time you visit Jerry’s Art Supply & Framing Wholesale Club. Jerry’s Wholesale Club Membership Cards are $25 and are good for an entire year after purchase, with the option to renew at the end of each year. These membership cards can only be bought in-store and are limited to one-per-person at this time.

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How You Save

How You Save

When you join our wholesale membership club, you get access to two new ways to save:

  1. Exclusive, members-only discounted pricing on in-store items

As you browse our in-store inventory, you’ll often see two prices for an item. One is the standard, non-club price. The other is a significantly discounted price that we only offer to members. In order to take advantage of this and always get the better price you need to sign up as a member.

  1. Updates about flash sales and special offers that are only available to members.

We’ll let you know about these sorts of things before they happen, so you can take full advantage of your membership and plan accordingly. These sales cover everything from BOGOs to massive price drops on unsold inventory.

  1. Take advantage of our unique Do-It-Yourself Custom Framing program.

Get your memories and masterpieces custom-framed without the high price point. As a club member, you’ll enjoy deep discounts on any of your custom framing projects.

Sign-Up In-Store Today

If you’re looking to further cut costs and save money, then invest in a Jerry’s Wholesale Club Membership the next time you visit our store. Ask any of our friendly in-store associates for help and they’ll be happy to get you squared away with your very own membership card so you can start saving immediately!

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