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Custom Sized & Stretched Canvases In Miami

The right canvas is the foundation for every good painting. At Jerry’s Art Supply & Framing Wholesale Club, our custom canvas options let you build a canvas that’s perfect for whatever you’re working on. We offer a large variety of choices when it comes to shapes, sizes, and styles of canvas for any need, all at a price you can afford. Get the best prices on canvas anywhere with your Club Membership Card!

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Low-cost Custom Canvas Makes Your Art Stand Out

Low-cost Custom Canvas Makes Your Art Stand Out

Are you an artist in Miami that needs a special canvas and is working within a specific budget? The wholesale canvases available at Jerry’s Art Supply & Framing Wholesale Club are sure to make your art stand out. Browse our wide selection of canvasses to choose the perfect canvas for you, no matter your budget, size, material, or quantity needs.

Enjoy a Vast Selection of Wholesale Canvases

Enjoy a Vast Selection of Wholesale Canvases

When it comes to your next project, every detail counts. That’s why we let you refine every aspect of your canvas. From canvas material to bars to size, we let you customize every aspect of your next canvas.


The material your canvas is made from makes a big impact on the final piece of art you create. You could argue that the canvas itself is a part of the finished product. Different materials can affect the way your paint looks, the way you showcase your piece, and the theme of your work. Each of our materials comes in a wide variety of different styles.

Stretcher Bars

Having the right bars for your canvas completes the picture. We offer nine styles of bars from different brands that include options for wood choice, bar strength, and preferred length. No matter the size or shape you need your canvas to be, we can make it happen.

Find a Canvas for Your Art

Our process is designed to be simple. All you have to do is decide which material you want for your canvas, the style of bars, and the size you need. After that, call us or place your order in-store and we’ll have your custom frame made within two weeks.

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